Collagen Shower Head

Collagen Shower Heads in Honolulu, Hawaii

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Mixed ceramic ball inside (semi-permanent use)
  • Deoxidation, activation, anti-bacterial, sterilizing
  • Generates negative ions, recovery, good metabolic
  • Discharges far-infrared ray
  • Dissolves water element into one-third
Collagen filter
  • Collagen moisturizes and tightens skin
  • Other ingredients moisturize and beautify skin, while removing body wastes
Super fine outlet hole
  • Saves 65% more water
  • Massages skin
  • Lenard’s effect available
  • SUS plate, find hole (0.20mm, 421ea) molded
  • Maximizes negative ions (about 500,000/cc)
Floating matters filter
  • Removes sand and rust in the water
Shower head
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