Slate-Lite: A Natural Stone Veneer!

Slate-Lite: A Natural Stone Veneer!

As pioneers of the stone industry in Hawaii, Selective Stone, LLC is constantly driven to offer innovative products to best serve our customers needs.

With that in mind, Selective Stone is proud authorized dealers of Slate-Lite products.

Slate-Lite is a revolutionary stone veneer with a 100% natural stone surface enforced to either a fiberglass or flexible cotton based backing. Slate-Lite comes in 3 different product offerings that comes in 5 stone types, and 30+ colors to choose from.

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Slate-Lite is a thin stone veneer adhered to a fiberglass backing. The material is engineered to be very durable perfect for exterior and interior use. 

EcoStone is an extremely thin and pliable natural stone veneer on a cotton backing. The cotton backing makes this product very easy to manipulate and glue onto many surfaces exhibiting complex designs, shapes, or edges.


Translucent is a natural stone veneer adhered to a clear backing in either fiberglass or the extremely flexible EcoStone cotton backing. Translucent aims to captivate the unique translucence nature that each stone showcases when a light source is put behind the sheets. 

Slate-Lite Applications

EcoStone Applications

Translucent Applications
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